About Us

Emma Wasfi – Founder of World Business Builders

Emma first had the idea of building an advertising platform to help other business professionals and entrepreneurs after she witnessed the struggle many had in network marketing with their online-offline businesses. The struggle was real for many as she also experienced the unpleasant feelings and lack of not having total support from friends and family.

With Emma's previous expertise and understanding in running successful businesses for many years, she knew there had to be an easier, more cost-effective way of bringing businesses together, and that's where the concept of World Business Builders came from.

Emma then spent many years in establishing an advertising business platform and with her drive to succeed, dedication and commitment to the best outcomes, she established a business platform where entrepreneurs, business people and consumers alike could come together to achieve the most amazing results for their businesses, also establishing the platform to accommodate a customer base for those who are happy to browse the many businesses as clients.

Because of Emma's kindness and focus on helping others achieve, she wanted to go one step further. So, the Bonus Plan was created. Emma has established a special way to give back to members with an 11 Level Bonus Plan which enables all members to share in the profits of World Business Builders.

Emma's unique platform helps businesses and like-minded members interact, support and encourage each other. As World Business Builders grows to new heights, so does the member bonuses and members bank accounts.

Emma believes that Team Work Makes the Dream Work, and together we can all achieve Greatness

Welcome to World Business Builders

World Business Builders is a fast developing, genuine and reliable lifestyle, advertising and membership company. Our advanced business module is specifically prepared to take your business at the next level.

Hard Working Australians have spent years designing an innovative way for people from all countries and cultures to achieve their business goals. Simply put, World Business Builders grows your business, helping you build your online-offline business by a way of marketing your business both to members and the public.

World Business Builders also financially gives back to its members in a fair and ethical way via a unique system that is in place to keep count of members and allow the fair distribution of an 11 step Bonus Plan.

Our strategy is helping to leverage the billion-dollar industry on Social media and other platforms, bringing businesses together in a massive membership base. This allows us to share the 11 level bonus plan that is fair & ethical.

Each one-time membership of $10.00 AUD plus an even small annual admin fee gives members the opportunity to advertise on our marketing platform and a bonus structure that is fairly distributed to all members.

There are no recruiting requirements to be a member of WBB, however, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work, the more our members help grow our community the more it is beneficial for all involved.


World Business Builders is the biggest membership-based, profit sharing revolution of the decade!

Promoting your business products or services on social media is the easiest step to move ahead towards the path of success. At World Business Builders we help you build your business to make it happen quickly. Connecting people together through a membership base and keeping it all together on one platform to kick start your business growth.

For a one-time membership cost of $10.00 AUD and an even smaller annual administration fee you can experience the new generation business promotion techniques.

There are zero recruitment requirements for becoming a member of World Business Builders and receiving in the 11level Bonus plan, all members receive equally. We believe in clear transparency therefore there are no other hidden charges. Join us and allow us to help you turn your dreams into reality. We believe that teamwork is the turn-key solution for the growth of any such community.

Each membership includes the following Benefits

  1. A developed and world-class business directory that is listed alphabetically to help people search for your business and find it easily.
  2. Marketing and Promotional Opportunities through our social media platforms.
  3. Membership opportunity with a very low one-time joining cost with continued benefits.
  4. 24/7 complete support at any concerning moment.
  5. Connected to a large-sized and uprising global community.

World Business Builders look forward to helping you take your business to greater heights and massively boost your growth and profitability with our advertising platform like never before.

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