Business Details

At the LDC not only are there at least 40 different dance and fitness formats like Zumba® Fitness, Yoga, Masala Bhangra Workout®, Streetdance, BodyBalance®, Kapow®, Bollywood , Fit&Funky™, Reggaeton, Jawaiian Jam, Island Fusion, Afro Brazilian, Salsa, Samba and much really is all about dancing with friends and taking your time to get to know them better! That is why the LDC is a 4 day event. All day classes, all night Party! Yes, there is a spa, a beach, food... everything you need to relax, but mind you, you might not get a lot of sleep... but a lot of fun! Be part of it, join the fun... people from all over the world come together to enjoy the festival, the most wonderful instructors and each other! It is all about Fun, Inspiration, Friendship, Community..