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Unique Vibrations

Unique Vibrations are the leaders in their field of coaching and Donna Ferguson is the Founder. At Unique Vibrations we work with both men and women, business and corporate coaching as well as individuals, to build a trusting, confident and limitless self belief on a deeper level, so that you move yourself, your team and your clients forward with the techniques you learn. Throughout the coaching process Donna shares her techniques and tools so you can experience the leadership advancement you have been looking for. As you will see, Donna will share areas of her own personal story which unfold during these sessions to impress upon you how easily life can change when you make a decision and a commitment to yourself to take the action required to achieve the desired outcomes you are looking for. It will be easy to see why Donna is so passionate about helping others.  Donna's unique coaching style offers you the ability to go to a deeper level for creating better relationships both personal and business, further your career regardless of what your background is, build your business so far beyond any expectation, work with you and your team to unlock what is missing from your bottom line, while providing you with greater negotiation skills and a better understanding when it comes to the complexity and demographics of working with 1 or more team individuals and their diverse personalities. Imagine having the perfect tools so that you will be able to create a team that really brings the shine back into your business through profiling. Donna's coaching methods help you to accelerate and Reinvent Your Mind and your reality as you conquer the reality of self development, manifestation, your results and your dream life. Along the way you will see that Donna continually does this work herself to show her journey continues on a daily basis regardless of where she is right now so that she can bring her best self to her clients each and every week. Notice this refers to working with you along the way and that's exactly what you will see.  Support, coaching and that little push when you need it.   Donna knows how hard it can be to reach out and ask for help because there have been many times in her own life where that exact same thing has happened to her. When she realised how easy it was to move forward after finding the right coaches for her, she found working on a deeper level getting to the root cause and decimating it permanently, the results she was looking wishing for we now her reality. Donna works with you using these same proven systems so that you also get permanent change with ease and flow. Donna now has 2 coaches that blend perfectly together give her the best results every single day. When life takes a turn for the worst you can either stay in that mindset or you can change your life and the lives of others.  I chose to change the lives of others every single day! Life has and always will present challenges, you can choose to react or respond.  For me, learning to go with the flow of life and trusting in the process did not necessarily come easily for her. It wasn't until she opened up to the world of opportunities that presents to us each and every day, that she realised her life was about to increase far beyond her own expectations. Donna discovered an understanding that every single person is filled with infinite potential, and that she can only open that potential up when she help others from a place of serving, humbleness and gratitude.   It was at that time that Donna learnt how she had continuously sabotaged everything she attempted to do through the fear of succeeding.  You see fear had a hold on her to keep her comfortable, and when Donna realised that everything she was doing was blocked on so many levels, she was able to unlock her true self, open up her intuition and began to trust in the process of real manifestation.   After spending years of reading, watching and listening to the law of attraction strategies, and feeling like something was still missing no matter what she did, Donna now holds the key to be able to create her own manifestations every time, and also holds the key to unlock the hidden wonder within every one she works with with the skills to passing this onto her clients.  It took a long time to find the right coaches for her, that soMEone special who had the X Factor, and when I did, that too elevated her mind, her imagination and her opportunities to become so much more.   You too will be elevated far beyond your wildest dreams when you find that Donna is that special soMEone for to work with.  Donna has been able to competently develop the teaching of the "X Factor" that provides you with a unique way of achieving all your desires rapidly for you and your business which will now grow exponentially.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.