Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can have more than 1 membership. We have many members that have more than one business therefore they need more than one membership to market their business on more than one page.

We have  members that  want more exposure for their business by purchasing more than one membership to help expose their business more. You can advertise your business in more than 1 membership or different businesses blogs etc.

There is no time, it depends on the speed of members coming in and existing members purchasing extra memberships for extra marketing. This is a members based marketing . Profits are paid out when there is profits in a fair system that pays members in turn.

No, There is a system in place to keep count of our members to evenually share the Profit/Bonuses

There is NO recruiting required. 

We do require our members to be active helping to grow our community to be part of the profit/bonus sharing, as well as help our businesses by purchasing from them if there is a product or service that is suitable for them .  

NO. WBB does not require anyone to invite others to join, how ever we believe in team work. 

If we all share the opportunity with others to grow our community, together we all can achieve great 


More Members Means

More customers for our businesses

More Businesses for us to buy from

More members to share and learn from

More profit sharing/Bonuses

and so much more.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

On our website, you can submit a support ticket or use our livechat feature. You can also email your questions to Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

There is no referral qualifications for this community. However, we do recommend that every member share the World Business Builders Facebook group and our World Business Builders business page to allow their families, friends, and aquaintances to decide for themselves if this community is for them or not. All members will go through according to their position.

Currently:To be a member of WBB members pay a  one time payment of $10 membership fee Plus a $7 Annual fee.

No there isn't your one time $15:30 covers all your admin fee and your entry fee.

 WBB is set up just for that. It is a community helping each other and encouraging each other to help grow our businesses. The money made from WBB is to help those that have business ideas or have a business but need the funds to take their business to the next level. The community is encouraged to support members business by purchasing their products and services. We encourage all members to use the promotional page to promote their business for other members to see. Members also can email with a business spill that they want to blast directly to members inbox.

Send all questions and queries to support @ Please allow upto 48 hours for a response and check your spam for a reply regular.

 WBB offers 100% full money back Guarantee. If for any reason a member is not happy they can request a full refund within a period of 21 days no questions asked. 

 Yes we do have several  groups please see below.

intagram women group

instagram men and women

Facebook Men and Women

Facebook Women only group

Facebook like page



Both are named World Business Builders 

And for paid Members The Team Advertising WBB all on FB