Brand new system

World Business Builders are excited to have released a brand new system for our members as well as the website. 
Our members now get to enjoy their searchable and alphabetical business directory to list their business on. 

Our new business directory will be searchable by our thousands of members and also the public.  
We at WBB have many new concepts moving forward with that we have waited on the release of our new website and system. 

Our members now not only get this new business directory to get more exposure for their businesses/Blogs they also continue to be a part of our 11 bonus plans. 

With our new marketing plans in place we are happy to say our membership base is growing daily. 

Exciting times are at hand for all our members and new members that join us. 

Our membership joining fee continues to be at the promotional price of $10 AU lifetime membership plus a $7 AU  annual admin fee. 

This is a promotional price that will increase in the near future. 

We at WBB want to give our members the greatest opportunity to market their business, watch it grow, and continue to share in the Bonuses that WBB has for its active members.