Lynda B. Western Australia

I have finally found a fantastically supportive community with people that are on the same wavelength as me, and all for such a tiny joining fee. Signing up was so easy and in the first two weeks, I received that fee back three-fold with the support of some lovely ladies that ended up seeing my advertisement and purchased from me straight away. And it hasn't stopped since. 

 As I was forced into retirement to care for my Hubby who suffers PTSD after serving in the Gulf War. I needed a boost and so I took a chance on making my purchase and sharing with friends and I have made some lovely new friends too. 
 The love and communication I have received has given me the courage to open my very own store and I will be able to have the backup I always needed now I'm with World Business Builders.
As I sit here now and reflect on my first day in my little store which gave me the funds to travel to Queensland to meet my GalibelleOZ Bestie at The Eumundi Markets. I think, 'What if I didn't listen to my intuition'?  
 So thank you Ladies and all that you do. 
It's so great to be amongst you all. 
 Lynda B.
 Website: galibelleaddiction.com
Lynda Brookes