My business and friendships are growing through inviting others to the world Business Builders Facebook groups to be friends, and enjoy sharing this amazing advertising platform with World Business Builders.

I’ve registered several times as I’m looking to enable my husband to retire from the paid workforce within the next year, and if possible myself at the same time. This means that we will be able to concentrate on our businesses rather than our “bosses”.

I really can’t believe that this is all possible for the teeny weeny price of the membership fee.

I have only listed one of my products at this stage and I see that people have been looking. I am creating a presentation that will showcase my products and services more professionally.

I love that the community is so supportive and welcoming of each other. I know that over the next 12 months my life is changing for the better, as is my husband’s life going to change. Well my hubby doesn’t understand this but he trusts me and I trust the admin of the team who are absolutely amazing and so helpful.

Nothing is a trouble to them and they are there, ready to help the moment you need help.


Gail, Lewiston, South Australia